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Travelling tips for Solo Travellers

Travelling alone sounds like a dream for young mothers like myself, who spend all their holidays carrying along their toddlers, and let their dinner turn cold on the table because the little one wants to visit the toilet at the wrong times.

As much as I would love the idea of travelling alone, there is a lot of thought that certainly needs to go behind the entire plan, to make sure the trip actually ends up being as exciting, as we thought it to be. Thus, we came up with a list of tips to help you, (and me) on our next solo trip that we certainly deserve for neglecting ourselves for too long on all family holidays.

1) Know what you want

While on a solo expedition, make sure you know what you want of your trip. With no company by your side, do you wish to interact with the locals that you visit on your trip, or are you an introvert and would like to sit alone, while observing the culture? If you wish to socialize, it is recommended if you visit a place where you know the local language, or the locals and you speak a mutual language.

2) Pick a book

While alone, what could be a better company than a good book to read? Pack a book that will keep you entertained while you find yourself alone at a restaurant, and waiting for the food seems forever while you have no one to speak to. A small journal to keep a record of your activities could also do the trick. If not, fiddling with your smartphone would always keep you busy.

3) Take Pictures

Take pictures, not just to make memories and send them back home to your family, but also to learn your surroundings better. Sometimes photography helps you notice small details of your destinations that you would be too busy to notice otherwise.

4) Join Shared Game drives/Tours

Ask your travel advisor if he/she can book you in group activities that will help you interact with others and learn different cultures especially when coming from different country or region as well as enhance your Safari experience.

5) Accommodation Choice

With help of a travel agent can help you find accommodations that encourage solo travellers to travel by giving them special discounts and hotel amenities. The management team will go extra mile to make your well entertained contact us for assistance.


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