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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Tanzania Luxury Safaris completely understands how important is privacy of its customers and thus we take it quite seriously. We are here to do business and we understand that our customers are most important for us. We take all measures to retain trust of our customers and protect all information passed to us. This Privacy Policy explains in detail for what purpose Tanzania Luxury Safaris collect information of its clients and visitors and how this information is used. All the information you submit on our website or through email is completely protected. We ensure to secure your personal information that is provided through various distribution partners. However this privacy policy is not applicable to any third party or third party distribution partners, tour organizers and suppliers. Thus it is recommended that before submitting any details to the linked websites please follow their privacy statements and terms and conditions.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

Tanzania Luxury Safaris work along with different websites. Tanzania Luxury Safaris is our main website where we offer a variety of different products and services for our clients worldwide. We work along with a number of affiliate distribution partners who offer our products and services to different customers. Most of our product information, booking process and payments are handled via our team. We also work along with some distributors who carry out purchases and deal with customer payments.

Information Collected

Our customers are usually required to enter information either through our website or through email. There are also some service and distribution partners who collect information. Our customers are asked to enter their personal information including name and email address for personal identification. Other information asked includes gender; country etc. customers who wish to make a purchase are required to enter complete personal information including name, address, email address, phone number and in some cases credit card details. Without this information, your purchase could not be confirmed or booked.

Your web server and IP address is automatically collected when you visit or any of our affiliate’s websites, though this information doesn’t disclose your identity. Also we may keep track of your interests in order to best serve and communicate products and services of your interest. You may also be receiving special deals and products packages if you have permitted subscribing to our email marketing service.

For improved usability of our services, we make use of cookies for information collection and policies are discussed in the later part.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your web browser for records on hard disk of your computer. These cookies identify your computer and do not store any personal information about yourself.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris make use of cookies for recording information about visits to our websites from your computer. This information is stored for record of your preferences and interests in order to present our webpage in a manner that suits your needs. Cookies are analyzed for future communication, deals and services offering.

Web browsers also allow turning cookies off but doing so would limit our users to take complete advantage of our website. To get more information about cookies of your specific browser, please view details of cookies.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris also make use of third party companies who put ads on our websites and these companies place their own cookies for advertising purpose. These third party advertising companies would have no access to the information collected through our cookies. These companies have their own privacy and cookies policy and thus would follow them.

Purpose of information

Personal information collected through us can be used for the following purpose:

·         To give more details on the products and services of your interest.

·         For email marketing and messaging.

·         To confirm booking and purchases.

·         To ensure proper billing.

·         To offer products and services of customer’s interests.

Visitors of Tanzania Luxury Website can also share information on social media websites and thus the information you share to these websites will be used according to their privacy policies. Some information you provide is also used with tour operators partnering with us in order to confirm bookings and purchases. We provide your name and local contact details to service providers and all other information is kept private. If you choose to provide any information to these service providers, we recommend you to read their privacy policy.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris pass your information to contracted third parties for marketing and reporting purpose. These companies are also bind to maintain confidentiality of your information with their marketing partners. We make use of marketing companies’ services for improving presence and visibility of our products and services. Tanzania Luxury Safaris make use of web cookies in order to make their advertising more effective. Information collected for marketing purpose may include what pages are most frequently visited? Or which products are most popular ones? Or which deals and packages attract customers. This information helps us improve our website usability and give us more insight on customer wants and needs.

The personal information provided to us may be used or disclosed under following conditions:

·         Applicable law for residents and non-residents of country.

·         Information required for a legal process.

·         In response to requests received from government authorities.

·         In order to protect processes of Travel Genie along with those of its affiliates.

·         In order to limit any destruction sustained.

·         For privacy and safety purpose.

There may be a disclosure of your information including name with location from Other Information we collect of our customers. This information in combination with your personal information will be treated personal information.

Communication via Emails

Our customers may receive some marketing emails that we find informative and attractive for our customers. This may include Tanzania Luxury Safaris deals, new products, programs, packages, special promotions etc. Tanzania Luxury Safaris gives its customer choices for use of their information for email communication for marketing. Our customers can opt out of receiving these emails at any point of time. Customers receive an unsubscribing link in each marketing email and can unsubscribe through that link. Also they can change their account settings on our website page. Moreover customers can send an email to with name, email address and word ‘unsubscribe’ in their email subject.

Customers when choose to opt out for receiving marketing emails, they will be receiving emails of purchases and bookings. They will also receive emails regarding information like updates of policies, procedures, terms and conditions. Also you will be receiving information about a product or service you choose to purchase or book.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris Distribution Partners/Suppliers

Tanzania Luxury Safaris have different distribution and supply partners for its products and services and these partners will be following their own privacy policy different from ours. Some of our suppliers and distributors may require some additional information of customers related to their activities. Thus our customers are requested to review partner’s privacy policy if Tanzania Luxury Safaris have not directly asked for this information.

Some of our partners are operating in different countries where they don’t have laws for protection of personal information and thus we convince those partners to adopt a privacy policy similar to ours. However we can’t force anything. Our customers may report to us if they find that their information is disclosed through distribution or supply partners. We would seek to take steps against such partners.

Security Measures

Tanzania Luxury Safaris take all steps to maintain privacy and security of customer’s personal information. We use reliable encrypted protocols for transfer of personal information over internet. For personal information, we create a secure session through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) over internet. All the information we collect is stored in secure environments and will not be disclosed to public. We have all the facilities in place to protect personal information.

We want our customers to understand that none of the data stored over internet is guaranteed to be completely safe and so we can’t promise 100% security of your personal information. Any unauthorized access of information through ill means, Tanzania Luxury Safaris should not be held responsible. If you face any such event of information security breach, please inform Tanzania Luxury Safaris privacy team and we will help you in tackling such problem. Some incidents may require reporting to police or other government authorities.

Privacy Policy Updates and Changes

Tanzania Luxury Safaris may find it necessary to update or change their privacy policy from time to time as new products and services are introduced.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris have all the rights to update their Privacy Policy at any time. The company will report changes to privacy policy on its website.

Contact Tanzania Luxury Safaris

Our customers can update their personal information online and can access our services.

For any questions or queries about our privacy policy, Travel Genie can be contacted through email at  



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