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Masai Mara

Incomparable Luxurious Safaris to Africa's Top Wildlife Viewing Parks

The Maasai Mara

Kenya Maasai Mara Safari is an exceptional experience for safari and wildlife lovers. It is the land of the biggest and most diversified game reserves with a huge variety of African big cats and a panorama of rare unseen species. This region is known for the most popular natural wonders, the Great Migration that has unmatched wildlife-rich savannah landscape. Impressively beautiful and one of the best place to gather some cherish able lifetime memories in the form of photos and videos.  

Vencha Travel’s Maasai Mara safari cost gives you a truly a high-end well organized package without the crazy price tag offering its guests true value that no other tour organizers offer. Our luxury safari offers extraordinary moments of viewing predators along with large population of wildebeest and amazing geography.

Masai Mara